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Hey, Mr. Superstar -

three-way-run like any good triptych.


Ω -- Gender: GQ

/ & / Alt -- Gender: Bitch with good PR

/ & / ZZ: --Gender: 'The steel grey cold of morning void waiting to be tamed'; also ♂

// Expect to see: Stars/Planets/Space, Biology, Future Retro, New Age, '90s alt/rock, Taxidermy, druuuugs, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust, Classic Rock ++ More.\\

/Customization not final.\

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  2. no one can tell me this stuff doesn't make you happy or calm or help because I just got rid of all that pointless hanging on like a sickness baseless anxiety for a while with it. Nothing else worked so I hit the default go-to for and fancy that. It worked. -ZZ
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  3. fuckyeah90sbands:

    Marilyn Manson with The Smashing Pumpkins: Eye + The Beautiful People (1997)

    A rare performance of “Eye” from the soundtrack to David Lynch’s Lost Highway, and an acoustic version of Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People,” with Twiggy and the Smashing Pumpkins.

  4. still love it.
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  5. brainfairy:

101% hate sports


    101% hate sports

  6. Ω NUMBER 38 REQUESTED FUCK this is a good one
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  7. I kind of like this ‘dive into likeposts and see how much mortification comes of prechosen’. Give me some more if you want.

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  9. makemestfu:

  10. All of the triad NUMBER 111 REQUESTED
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  11. someone pick a number between 1 -250 and I will reblog whatever likeposts occupies that numbers

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  13. marainlyn mansonrain

  14. filed under funnier past midnight
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  15. omfg im so sorry

    no. I’ll get it all good and really fucked up when I switch to 1950s disney cartoons in a little. zen calming and mm are two of my most common … clashes? clashes to everyone else. it should by all rights be used to this from me.
    (though the same one on the list over and over seems to be making the process something of ‘DO YOU LIKE RAIN I BET YOU LIKE RAIN YES ONLY RAIN’)

  16. I'm too tired and fuzzy to make eloquent my speecheth tonite.
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  17. every fuck damn time I click a readmore the Rainstorm for Sleeping 90mins “Natural Sound and Video” shows up in my YT history list all over again and between that and the MM clips my recommended does not know what in the fuck I want from it

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  19. dead-star-androgyne:

    Basically if no one needs me my plan for tonight is to be sitting here in the dark illuminated by a screen, with macaroni and cheese, wishing I had better high or stabilizers sooner, wondering if you can have a broken toe without knowing it, and watching old MM interviews.

    This suits me just fine, but I can be persuaded for a handful of other things if I’m suddenly popular. 


    update: dinner was a bad idea, but craving something sour. might find a pushpop in the cupboard because I live in the ’90s.
    Still undecided on injury. still want ups. still watching same. wishing for a bed though. mentally rearranging the bedroom setup near the top of the to-do list. I don’t know why I’m posting an update either.

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